Robot as Tourist Ambassador

Product Number: RobotPLUS Series

Includes: Robot + Robot Function Software


According to the needs of clients, the most appropriate robot hardware is chosen to perform the required task of clients. There are currently more than 40 robots, such as Pepper, Cruzr and Rice, for you to select your best robot companion. AI ‘Brain’ of the robot are computed to perform various tasks such as teaching assistant, customer ambassador or children playmate etc. Excel in Text-to-Speech and Automatic Speech Recognition Technology, our robots have high proficiency in Cantonese, Chinese & English and support Mixed-language response.


  • Replace mundane and time-consuming task with robotic labour
  • Enhance target interest in products or events
  • Build an AI-powered brand image
  • Archive high level of cost-effectiveness

Use Case

  • SoftBank Pepper as Border Security Robot
  • UB Tech Cruzr as Tourist Guide

Rice Robotics Jasmine as contactless disinfection robots in shopping malls