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Don’t keep your customers waiting for a resolution. With an AI-chatbot, resolve queries, on-demand, round the clock, in any language, across text and voice. Self-serve 70% queries and seamlessly loop in live agents when needed. The best of both worlds, literally.


20% Increase in CSAT

80% Self-serve FAQs

70% Reduction in Operational Cost

Turn your customer frown
upside down

Listen to the voice of the customer

Our conversational AI platform tracks customer trends and analyses sentiments to truly understand your customer’s needs. And offers fast and accurate resolution using intent and sentiment recognition to improve user experience

Route quires from bot to live agent seamlessly

AI can’t replace humans. We get that. Our chatbots bring the best of human and AI intelligence to self-serve most queries, and bring live agents in the loop when needed. And not just a live agent handover, an active learning loop across bots and humans. What does that leave you with? Happier customers and even happier employees.

Meet customers where they are

Support your customers around the globe, across 35+ text & voice channels, in 100+ languages, 24×7. More? has tons of integrations to make your conversations comprehensive and productive, from day zero.

Turn your customer support from a
cost center to a profit center

Reduce total cost of operations by 70%

Our self-learning chatbots automate ~80% queries, leaving your live agents to only address critical requests. Cherry on top? With a self-learning loop, our bots proactively learn from the live agents.

explore product insights and upsell

Customer support doesn’t have to be a cost center anymore. With deep insights and analytics on customer intent and sentiment, support bots can help upsell to increase revenue.

personalise conversations for a higher csat

Automatically understand your Customer Data Profile and personalise conversations, solutions and actions based on sentiment, intent and persona.

Make magic with every conversation and make way to higher CSAT.

It isn’t magic, it’s AI with our proprietary
Natural Language Processing ‘brain’

Our Natural Language Understanding (NLU) and Natural Language Processing (NLP) ‘brain’ engine compounds the self-learning of the voice and text chatbots through multi-factorial intent recognition, effective customer engagement and on-point resolution – all of it in real-time and with a 98% accuracy rate.

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