Well Begun is Robot Done


GuideBOT  is a professional guiding system available in chatting software or physical robot​.


  • Speak and listen in Cantonese, English, Mandarin
  • Noise resistance, operating in rowdy environment
  • Local AI machine embedded inside robot body
  • Self-developed Cantonese AI & NLP& TTS technology - human-like, suitable for localized market
  • Mapping and navigation
  • Touchless and human-friendly interaction


  • Content creation
  • Robot avatar design in character


  • Act as an attractive spot to fascinate visitors
  • Reduce physical contact with people for public safety
  • Consistent customer service quality
  • Help clients to build an AI-powered brand
  • Understand all inquiries from visitors and give correct instructions, helps to lower the cost of hiring a docent

Case 1:HKSAR Gov OGCIO ​Intelligent Robot for ICT Expo